Our Story

The MyPITBOARD story began in May 2015 when pro racer, Tyler Medaglia, and his mechanic, Kibby Pollak, were making their way back from a long day of suspension testing. The two of them were discussing the major complications they had encountered on the track. First, Tyler was struggling to clearly make out the lap times written on the pitboard while riding. Second, the margin for human error with a traditional stopwatch had to be at least half a second per lap, which made it difficult to properly gage if Tyler’s adjustments during the sections were improving his time. There had to be a better way!

As Kibby and Tyler drove home, the two bounced some ideas off of each other for ways to improve training, including the idea for a GPS based lap timing system. They wanted to create a clearer and more precise way for mechanic and racer to communicate during motos. If they could create a digital version of a pitboard for users to mount on their handlebars for clear visibility, with different features to provide real-time and accurate feedback, it could be revolutionary for the motocross industry. 

The two knew it would take an amazing team to bring this vision to life, so Brian Wu, Nick Fekete, and Marco Janeczek joined the MyPITBOARD crew.

The device first came to life as an application that could be downloaded with the rider’s smartphone and then strapped onto the user's handlebars. As the app progressed, the team noticed two major pain points: First, the GPS on the smartphone was not accurate enough for a racing environment, and second, the motos were too risky for expensive phones. So, the team decided to come up with an interface of their own!

Enter MyPITBOARD-VM1! This device uses an advanced GNSS tracking system to provide an approximate 0.1s lap time accuracy at any outdoor track. By using the device's real-time feedback system and four training modes, riders can see instantaneous responses to their racing style with the simple touch of a fingertip. The device is made suitable for both the professional or local club rider, so that anyone can take their game to the next level!