How Does MyPITBOARD Work?

This video will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of MyPITBOARD's main features, including the device's most frequently used Laptime Mode in the 'Classic' riding screen!


Watch this video to view an instructional on MyPITBOARD's simpler 'Dynamic' riding screen.

MyPITBOARD is an on-board real-time feedback system that is designed for both the local club and veteran rider. As a company, we want to provide all riders with access to the tools that professional athletes use to up their game!

MyPITBOARD is a device that instantaneously displays relevant racing information like lap, segment, section, and holeshot times with the simple touch of a finger tip. Once the device is securely mounted onto the bikes’ handlebars and fastened with the MyPITBOARD protective cover, users can easily see training times without the vision complications that can come with a regular pitboard. Once completed, it's time to power on the device and let the real-time racing begin!

**Please note that when riding in hotter temperatures (i.e. 30°C/86°F) we highly recommend purchasing MyPITBOARD’s Anti-Glare KitThis kit prevents the Bar Pad Cover from adhering to the device’s screen which can cause a glare.

Once the device is powered on and riders have understood and agreed to all disclaimers, MyPITBOARD's main screen will light up with a selection of four training modes:

Using the device's touch screen, riders can select what mode they would like to train with to improve their riding performance. Once a mode is selected, a ‘Loading GPS Signal’ screen will appear and remain on the device until a signal is activated. Don’t worry if it’s taking a second — connecting to the GPS can take up to three minutes!

Once a connection is activated, users will be prompted to set a start or finish line location. Riders will be presented with two options: First, the option to select their previous start or finish line location. This will automatically set to the rider's most recent position. Second, the option to set a brand new start or finish line if the rider wishes to change up their training strategy.

To set a new start or finish line location, users can ride to the spot on the track where they want the location to be. Then, by selecting the blue arrow icon  that will appear on the screen, they will activate the GPS. Remember to hold still so that the GPS can connect with the exact location, which can take up to three minutes. 

Tip #1: To ensure your device is picking up every lap, set your start and finish line location to a corner on your track.

Tip #2: If you are riding on a wider track, make sure to select a larger radius so that your device can detect every lap. To do this, select the gear icon in the upper right corner of the main menu and then tap the radius option. The higher the metre radius, the easier the time the device has of catching laps on big tracks.

Once set up, it's time to push your limits! 

When riding, users will have four analytic available on the racing screen:

To compare analytics, rider's can press the clock icon  in the upper right corner to view MyPITBOARD’s Time List

Laptime Mode

Segment Mode

Section Mode

Holeshot Mode

To get your hands on a MyPITBOARD device, check em' out here!