How Does MyPITBOARD Work?

Become your fiercest competitor with MyPITBOARD, an on-board real-time feedback system designed for both the local club and veteran rider. The device instantaneously displays relevant racing information like lap, segment, section, and holeshot times with the simple touch of a fingertip. Once the device is securely mounted onto the bike's handlebars and fastened with the bar pad cover, users can easily see training times and real-time analytics while riding. Now it's time to let the racing begin!

Tip: To compare analytics, riders can press the clock icon in the upper right corner to view MyPITBOARD’s 'Time List'. 

Watch this video for the full run-through of MyPITBOARD VM1.2's features!

Instructional Video Time Stamps

Introduction: 0:00 - 0:25
Setting Up Your Location: 0:26 - 1:04
Laptime Mode/ Classic Setting:
1:05 - 1:38
Laptime Mode/ Dynamic Setting:
1:39 - 2:24
Laptime Mode/ Classic Real-time Setting:
2:25 - 2:58
Laptime Mode/ Dynamic Real-time Setting:
2:59 - 3:35
Tips for Setting Up Your Finish Line Location:
3:36 - 4:15
Section Mode/ Classic Setting:
4:16 - 6:00
Holeshot Mode/ Classic Setting:
6:01 - 6:53
Segment Mode Setup:
6:54 - 9:12
Buffer & Radius Settings:
7:52 - 8:42
Segment Mode/ Classic Setting:
9:13 - 11:06
Conclusion & Contact Information:
11:07 - 11:33

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