How Does MyPitboard Work?

MyPitboard's cutting edge system is simple to use for both the amateur and professional motocross athlete. Once the system is secured onto the bike's handlebars and fastened with the protective cover, it is ready to be used!

When powered on, the disclaimer screen will appear on the device. Please ensure you read carefully and understand any risks before proceeding.

 Once racers have understood and agreed to the disclaimers, MyPitboard's main screen will light up and give riders a selection of four training modes:

  • Laptime Mode
  • Lap Segment Mode
  • Section Mode
  • Holeshot Mode

Athletes can use MyPitboard's touchscreen to tap on one of the four modes from the screen below:

Laptime Mode

Laptime Mode will likely be your most frequently used mode. Once this mode is selected, the following screen will appear:

This screen will remain on the device until the GPS signal is activated and finds your approximate location, which can take up to three minutes. Once the signal is found, the following screen will pop up on the device:

The next step is to choose where on the track you would like your finish line to be. Racers may choose to use their previous finish line location or set a new one.
To set a new finish line location, tap the Set New Location button and ride to the spot on the track where you would like to finish your races.
MyPitboard Team Tip: When selecting where you would like your finish line to be, we recommend that you set your location to a corner, so that you can easily glance at your time when leaving it.
Once you are situated at the proper location, click the  icon on the following screen to activate the GPS and confirm your finish line location.
Make sure to hold still as the GPS connects with your exact location. Athletes will see the following buffering screen until the GPS is finished activating, which can take up to three minutes:
Then, riders need to agree to save the current GPS location, hit ready to go, and let the real-timed racing begin!

Once you are finished racing, hit the bright red stop button located on the lower left corner of the screen to stop the timer.

Bikers then have the option to restart the race from the same location by clicking the bright green clock symbol in the lower right corner, or they can train with a new finish line location by pressing the arrow symbol in the upper left corner.

To compare lap numbers and times, click the  icon in the upper right corner to view the Time List.

Segment Mode

Using Segment Mode, riders can divide the track into 2 - 5 segments to see exactly where they are losing time on their race. This mode allows bikers to analyze where on the track they're excelling and what areas they need to work on. 

After selecting Segment Mode, a screen will pop up asking you to select the number of segments:

 Once selected, racers will need to ride to the spot on the track where they would like their first section to be. Press the   icon to set your location once you are happy with the positioning and repeat this process for however many segments you have chosen. Once finished, click the green checkmark to tell MyPitboard you're ready to start racing:


Then, let the countdown begin! 

To compare your lap times and section times click the  icon on the upper right corner to view the Time List

Section Mode

Section Mode allows racers to hone in on specific areas of the track that they want to improve their performance. Once this mode is selected, simply ride to the spot on the track where you would like the beginning of your practice section to begin and click the blue arrow to set the start line:


When you see the screen below, ride to the spot on the track you would like the finish line of your section to be, and hit the blue arrow to activate MyPitboard's GPS to set the location:


Racers can experiment with different options and rhythms to see what works best. Once ready to go, click the green checkmark and begin practicing.

To view your Time List, click on the   icon in the upper right corner of the screen to be able to compare track section with race time.

Holeshot Mode

What racer doesn't want a killer holeshot? Holeshot Mode is easy to use, just set the finish line on your device by riding to the desired track location and clicking the blue  icon to activate MyPitboard's GPS. Then, you can head up to the gate, click the ready to go green checkmark , follow the countdown displayed on the device, and start ripping holeshots until you master perfect technique.

To compare your start numbers to your holeshot times, press the  icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view the Time List.

Now you're ready to ride!

To get your hands on a MyPitboard, check em' out here!