How does MyPitboard work?

Very Simple. The image below will be your main menu screen. From the main menu, you have a choice of four training modes:

  • Laptime Mode
  • Lap Segment Mode
  • Section Mode
  • Holeshot Mode

Once you have selected a mode a screen similar to this will appear:

Before hitting the location icon , make sure to be at the location where you want to finish your laps. We recommend you set your location in a corner to allow you to have a quick glance at your time once you leave the corner. 

Once you have set your location, you will get a confirmation screen.

Once you are ready to ride, hit the ready button and wait for the countdown. When the countdown ends, you will have the following screen displaying your total time, your previous lap time and your split time differences. An example of the display is shown below.


If you are on the track and you have forgotten how this system works, you may hit the info icon on the top right of the screen for a reminder of how this mode works. The instruction screen will be as followed: