About Us

MyPitboard!™ is a newly developed racing performance and training application designed and built to enhance training of motocross athletes. Apart from taking quick peaks at their trainers/mechanics during practice laps, riders currently do not have any way of individually tracking their progress and timing real-time. Our product provides the ability to combine previous lap time statistics and visual cues, through our novel onboard system, to inform athletes whether they are maintaining a good pace, or falling behind.

Furthermore, with the use of our onboard real-time feedback technology, the simulation of a real-time virtual race training environment can be selected to push racers to the next level! The virtual race feature not only provides the ability for the racer to push themselves, but enhance one’s training experience through positive competition with others. This is done through the ability for users to publish specific track lap time data to our database, in which friends or competitors may download this data to race against you virtually on the track, at their wish. Our invention will revolutionize the sport!