<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
<transcy>MyPITBOARD™ VM1.2</transcy>
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MyPITBOARD VM1.2 Bundle Includes:

  • MyPITBOARD VM1.2 Device
  • MyPITBOARD's VM1.2 High-Density Foam Handle Bar Pad
  • MyPITBOARD's VM1.2 Handle-Bar Pad Cover
  • MyPITBOARD's VM1.2 Charging Cable


Expédié sous 1-2 jours ouvrables!

MyPITBOARD est conçu PAR des coureurs POUR des coureurs. Avec quatre modes d'entraînement, vos performances peuvent être constamment améliorées :

  • MODE TOUR : Ce mode sera probablement votre mode le plus fréquemment utilisé. Il d Affiche des analyses critiques de conduite en temps réel telles que le temps au tour, le numéro de tour, le temps total écoulé et la différence de temps intermédiaire entre votre tour actuel et votre dernier tour
  • MODE COUPE : Chiffre le moyen le plus rapide de parcourir une section. Essayez différents rythmes et itinéraires en ligne pour battre la concurrence
  • MODE SEGMENTATION : Avec le mode segment, les coureurs peuvent diviser la piste en 2 à 5 segments pour déterminer où exactement sur la piste ils perdent du temps à gagner sur les temps au tour globaux
  • MODE TROU DE TROU : se Rien de mieux que d'obtenir un énorme trou ! Une fois votre position définie, vous obtiendrez un compte à rebours de 10 secondes. Dans un délai de 1 à 5 secondes, l'appareil clignotera « Go ! » pour imiter une chute de porte. Bientôt, vous déchirerez des trous comme un pro

L'appareil MyPITBOARD comprend :

  • Quatre modes d'entraînement en temps réel
  • Rétroaction instantanée
  • Répartition après tour de piste
  • Capacités de l'écran tactile
  • Synchronisation GNSS avancée
  • Précision de synchronisation de 0,1 s

Avec ce produit, vous recevrez :

  • L'appareil MyPITBOARD VM1.2
  • Coussinet de guidon en mousse haute densité de MyPITBOARD
  • Câble de charge VM1.2 de MyPITBOARD
  • Un couvercle de coussin de guidon VM1.2

Des protecteurs d'écran sont également disponibles ici pour garder votre MyPITBOARD comme neuf.

Technical Specifications

0.1s Timing Accuracy

Get accurate 0.1 second lap, segment, section or holeshot timing at any time, any track & any day.

5Hr Battery Life

A 3200mAH battery to power MyPITBOARDs high brightness sunlight readable LCD screen for 5.5hrs straight. Amounting to 10x 30min motos without charging.

2m Accuracy

NO TRANSPONDERS NEEDED. Our onboard GNSS (GPS) system powers our timing system with a 2 meter positioning accuracy.

Lightweight System

MyPITBOARDs patent pending system weighs only 1.5 pounds. This includes our device, bar pad and bar pad cover.

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Jacob M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
So much fun

Using this device while riding has given a whole new level of fun to doing motos. Now I’m always racing myself and pushing around the whole track. I’ve already dropped my lap time by 4 seconds simply because this device pushed me to do so!

Travis T.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Practice is finally fun again!

Finally an affordable way to track my solo practices and challenge myself every ride. Mypitboard works great and my lap times are already improving. Thanks for making practices fun again!

Tod K.
United States United States
Best present ever!

I was given the MyPITBOARD by my darling girlfriend Sian this year for Xmas. While I thought it was pretty cool, I had the LITPro (Which I like) and the thought of setting up another lap-time device on my home track didn't thrill me. Setting up the LITPro was a pain and was prone to glitches. After hitting the track a few times this April, I figure I better give this thing a try. The other thing holding me back was the color! Despite seeing and commenting on pictures of the bike practically every week (for 3 years) on social media, she thought my blue YZ250F was green! No style points there:-p It was a muddy cold day and was practically by myself; a perfect day for it and there nobody to break my balls about the weird green bar pad. The set up was almost too easy. The thing was even fully charged 3 MONTHS after receiving it. It came to life with a push of the button and I went about switching the bar pads straightforward and easy. It went about finding the GPS signal which was immediate and gave me the main menu. I geared up and rode the bike over to the place I wanted to be the finish line, stopped....And this is my only complaint.....I had to take off my glove to push the touch screen as it's not "glove friendly" (If that's even a thing). From the menu I chose NEW LOCATION then SET FINISH LINE then READY? 5 4 3 2 1 Off like a prom dress! It takes 2 laps to start timing you the first time, but once the location is saved it starts right away. The first thing I noticed was the horrible lap times I was turning! It had downpoured for an hour before I got out and It was muddy as ****. My usual 1:50 lap was now 2:20......But then the numbers turned green! The next lap was faster! Another huge benefit is the timer in the top left corner. It lets you know how long you are out there. I like to put an hour of hard laps in as a minimum every day I'm at the track and this makes it easy. I got off after 20 minutes and pushed STOP. I was able to see each lap time for all 8 laps and while it wasn't pretty, by the end of the day I worked my way down to a 2:04. I was completely sold on it. There are many more modes to explore....Or maybe not. The standard mode is all I really need. The first thing I did when I got home was to order a Black & White cover; it came in a week and looks great. Anybody want to buy a used LITPro?

United States United States
Mypitboard Support

Mypitboard has been has been a great training tool for challenging myself and having data to see consistency and progress. I did had an issue with the older version but the company support was responsive and fixed my issue quickly. Great company and product.!

G D.
United States United States
MyPitBoard motivates

Mypitboard motivates me to train hard and challenge myself. It makes riding alone fun again. Its definitely a great purchase. This device is the one to get for anyone looking to improve their skill and speed. I recommend.