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MyPitBoard™ - Limited Release! (Early May Delivery)
MyPitBoard™ - Limited Release! (Early May Delivery)
MyPitBoard™ - Limited Release! (Early May Delivery)
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The NEW MyPitboard VM1 provides you with real-time lap, segment, section or holeshot time anywhere on the track. This device uses an advanced GNSS tracking system with 0.1s lap time accuracy at any outdoor track.

This product fits handlebars from 85cc and up, cross bar mount must be removed.

This product includes:

  • High-Density Foam Bar Pad
  • MyPitboard VM 1 Device + Charging Cable
  • Bar Pad Cover

Mode #1

Laptime Mode

Know your lap-time, running time and split difference between previous laps.

Check out our video!

Professional Level

I love this device for so many different reasons. You don't have to worry about looking at a pitboard. Instead, you can go over the jump and a simple glance down tells you your lap time and areas on the track you can improve.

Mike Alessi

What a great idea and great product. This is a tool that I believe has helped improve my training. It is super easy to see when riding, with a good size screen and data to view while riding. It always keeps me pushing to go faster or to be more consistent during my motos.

Dylan Wright

It's never easy to challenge yourself in long motos when you're doing them by yourself, MyPitboard has changed that and I'm now challenging myself lap by lap.

Tanner Ward

It's nice to know on the fly what is translating into faster laptimes, it just helps you push.

Tyler Medaglia

It Brings the fun out in riding again. I was always so frustrated when I wanted to do 20 minute motos on my own but had no way of knowing how long I would be out there for. @mypitboard is an amazing tool to fix this problem!

Greye Tate

Mode #2

Segment Mode

Segment the track to find where your gaining or losing time. Learn your lines now, not later.

Check out the video!

Amateur Level

MyPitboard is a must! It is now part of my everyday routine at the track.

Sebastien Racine

As a Casual vet rider MyPitboard helped me cut down on my lap time  and ride more confidently. It's fun to go to my local track and be able to ride with a purpose any time.

Cole Hobin

The best trainer is yourself, game changing product.

Tyler Herkart

Mode #3

Section Mode

Struggling in one section, we got you covered.

Check out the video!

Easy Set-Up

1. Select your training mode.

2. Set your virtual finish line on the track.

3. Begin your laps.

Mode #4

Holeshot Mode

Practice your starting technique with our Holeshot Mode.

Check out the video!

Training Modes

Lap Time Mode

Laptime Video

Segment Mode

Segment Video

Section Mode

Section Video

Holeshot Mode

Holeshot Video

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